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As our name suggests, our customers rely on us in providing suitable technology inputs to support their business goals. We create enduring partnerships with our customers and align our success strategy with their corporate objectives. We assist our customers to leverage technologies in creating unique value propositions and matchless competitive positioning in their various industries. Reliance Infosystems extensively uses consultative approach to locate customers’ journey and help them reimagine their businesses for unmatched success outcome. Our
activities are geared around three business support pillars
namely Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence and Protection Assurance. These three support pillars are heavily guided by our Success Outcome Philosophy.

Our Values

1. Vision: Reinventing the world.
2. Mission: We are striving to amplify our customers’ success stories by dissecting,
reengineering, simplifying, transforming and scaling their business models for structural dominance and unparalleled

Our Success Outcome philosophy is best explained using relay race analogy. We imagine taking the first lap and being in the same team as our customer in a 400m relay race. Because we hold the ferocious power of technology; we complete our lap ahead of others and diligently
pass the baton to the next person in our customer-partner team. But we would not just stop there! We continue to race along with our customer-partner, fueling them with the needed energies, encouragements, hope and care that to succeed. As the baton is passed from one team-member to another, we race with them to the finishing line.

The fundamentals of our business are built around winning with customers. Many times, we find it awkward to address them as customers because our relationship more resembles that of partners or co-owners of their businesses. At Reliance Infosystems, we measure our success by the quantum of progress we have helped our customers achieve even when those achievement do not particularly correlate with our revenue goals.

Success Pillars

1. Business Transformation
We help organizations reimagine the way they carry out all their activities,
how their users’ access and share information, how they collaborate around
projects and routine tasks and how their different departments cooperate
on processes and data. The fundamentals of Digital Transformation speak
to digitally capturing activities as it happens so the resulting data can be
readily available for stakeholders to act on and gain quicker insights.

2. Operational Excellence
We identify operational excellence to be the way people, data, systems and
operations are intricately interlaced to create an automated production
process, superlative customer engagement framework, robust data
warehouse and unrivalled business intelligence outcome. Our offerings cut
across modern ERP solutions, customer engagement solutions, business
intelligence platforms, payment integrations and data warehousing
platforms. We offer Digital Advisory services as our first point of engagement
in helping our customers through the operational excellence journey.

3. Protection Assurance
Since business successes have become synonymous with digitally
transformed organizations, they are also more attractive to attackers and
cybersecurity threats. Guarding digital assets against cybersecurity dangers
is fast becoming a source of competitive advantage for businesses because
of the comparative strength of being immune to services disruptions. We
offer enterprise security solutions from industry leaders in endpoints,
firewalls and security solutions. We also offer comprehensive vulnerability
assessment program for data centers residing on-premises and in the cloud.

Business Phone Number
+234 802 291 0199
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Business Address
Lagos Head Office:
71i Freedom way, Ikate, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria

Abuja Office:
6, Afe I.O Close, Kado Estate, Abuja

6B Ankua Mansa Street, Achimota Forest, Dzorwulu -Accra

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