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New Vision Institute of Technology (NVIT) is a groundbreaking EdTech and IT Outsourcing start-up located in Otukpo, Benue State, Nigeria. The institution is committed to harnessing technology to address societal issues and stimulate economic growth. NVIT is dedicated to leveraging technology by providing comprehensive programs that foster digital skills, spur innovation, and facilitate individuals in establishing technology-related careers.
NVIT runs Tech Farm campuses in Otukpo, Makurdi, Kano, and Abuja, Nigeria, which serve as technological learning centers and remote workspaces for vetted tech talents. These campuses are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, offering a conducive environment for creativity, innovation, and collaboration. They provide 24/7 access to a vibrant community of innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and venture capitalists, with a particular focus on training underprivileged and minority communities.
NVIT’s international reach includes remote engineers working from a refugee camp in Kenya and expert engineers from the USA, UK, Poland, India, and Sweden, who provide support to NVIT’s vetted tech talents in Africa. The institution offers customized tech staffing solutions, including resource augmentation, dedicated teams, and fixed gigs, tailored to specific needs and project requirements.
NVIT connects clients with top-performing, English-proficient remote professionals such as software developers, DevOps engineers, or cloud specialists, available in U.S., Canada, Europe, and West African time zones. This ensures efficient communication and collaboration. NVIT handles hiring, payroll, and project management, enabling clients to focus on their vision.
NVIT’s core focus is on Emerging Tech Instruction, Outsourcing, and Innovation. It is dedicated to hands-on technical training and development for underprivileged and minority youth and young adults worldwide. The Tech Farm campus produces professionals highly skilled in software development, Human Center UI/UX Design, Cloud, and DevOps engineering, well-versed in various programming languages, Tech stacks, frameworks, and deployment tools, ready for immediate integration into the tech industry.
NVIT is committed to providing remote job opportunities for its graduates and vetted tech talents. Through rigorous training and vetting processes, it serves as a conduit for exporting world-class remote tech talent, primarily from Nigeria and Africa to countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and beyond. The vetted graduates and NVIT tech talents are well-equipped to participate in remote projects and jobs or even launch their tech ventures.
Beyond education, NVIT actively engaged in forging partnerships with both local and international stakeholders. Through these collaborations, it aims to make significant contributions to communities and the global tech industry. NVIT has partnered with organizations such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Alphasights, The United States Staffing Association, TentiCL, Correct Space, Danish Refugee Council, Ecobank, Computer Professional Registration Council of Nigeria, and Tegus. NVIT embraces diversity and talent from all over the world and is firmly rooted in its dedication to serving both Africa and the international community.
NVIT is incorporated in the USA as NVIT Inc., with an office in Prosper, Texas, USA. This office focuses exclusively on sourcing remote job opportunities for NVIT’s graduates and the vetted tech talent pool in Africa. By doing so, NVIT to position itself as a global hub for tech talent. The Texas office plays an instrumental role in fulfilling NVIT’s commitments which goes beyond just education. NVIT actively establishes pathways for its students and vetted tech talent to become leaders in the technology industry on an international scale.
New Vision Institute of Technology (NVIT) serves as more than an educational institution. It acts as a catalyst for tech innovation and career development. With its roots in Nigeria, Africa and a strategic presence in Texas, USA, NVIT is a key player in Africa’s tech advancement and bridges the gap between African tech talents and the global technology landscape. NVIT plays a significant role in shaping the future of technology and creating global opportunities for its graduates. It represents a lifestyle of creativity, innovation, and service to humanity and is poised to continue leading in technology education and innovation, while connecting extraordinary talents with the evolving world of technology.
NVIT offers a variety of services, including:
1. Software development: NVIT can help you develop custom software applications to meet your specific needs.
2. Web development: NVIT can design and develop websites for businesses of all sizes.
3. Mobile app development: NVIT can develop mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.
4. Cloud and DevOps Engineering Services: NVIT can help you design, deploy, and manage your cloud infrastructure. They can also help you automate your DevOps processes to improve efficiency and productivity.
5. 24/7 Technical support services: NVIT can provide 24/7 technical support for your cloud and DevOps infrastructure. This includes monitoring your systems for potential problems, troubleshooting issues, and providing assistance with upgrades and maintenance.
6. IT consulting: NVIT can provide IT consulting services to help you improve your IT infrastructure and security.
7. Training and development: NVIT can provide training and development services to help your employees upskill and stay up to date on the latest technologies.
8. Internship programs: NVIT offers internship programs for students and recent graduates who are interested in a career in tech.
9. Donations: NVIT accepts donations to support its mission of providing tech education and training to young people in Africa.
10. Professional certification preparations and other

NVIT can also provide a combination of these services to meet your specific needs. To learn more about NVIT’s services, you can visit its website at

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